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What is genius? It is imagination, intuition, decision and speed of execution“Il Perozzi explained in ‘My friendsanticipating a hit by Necchi during a gypsy. And what is genius, if not Karim Benzema’s heel? The steering wheel control with broadside under the Valencia crossing was just an appetizer of the real masterpiece, scored against Espanyol: no look heel, defender tunnel and assist to Casemiro who finds himself at the free gate for a very heavy goal, decisive to send the real Madrid. Decimo assist seasonal, a game that brought back to the fans’ memory blancos the taconazo of Guti al Riazor, assists looks randomly for … Benzema. “For me, football is this”, a real manifesto of Karim-thought, already summarized in the phrase that became iconic after the 0-5 at Viktoria Plzen in the Champions League last year: “I play football to make history. I play for people who like football, for people who know football“.FORGOTTEN RONALDO – An elitist champion who today takes the spotlight and with Sergio Ramos it is unequivocally recognized as the embodiment of madridism. A champion not for everyone, often underestimated in his career and especially during his long militancy in the ranks merengues, when for most it was nothing but the squire of Cristiano Ronaldo. But behind the successes and records of CR7 there is precisely the dirty work of the Franco-Algerian, capable despite everything not to be swallowed up by the shadow of the Portuguese and to find a way to affect in his own way: the goals say (only three times in eleven seasons at Real has not gone beyond 20 seasonal goals), the assists say it, the raised trophies say it, the ability to affect in the key moments of the season. And Ronaldo’s farewell freed Benzema of all constraints, allowing him to take advantage of Hazard’s injury and the chronic discontinuity of an increasingly separate Bale at home to take the limelight. Karim now shines on his own like in the days of Lyon and has forgotten Ronaldo, that CR7 who didn’t find another shoulder for Juventus: in the league the goals come in flurry, but in the Champions League the goals are only 8 in the last two years, half of what he had made only in the last year in Madrid and the same ones scored by Benzema between 2018/19 and on 2019/20. A sharp drop for the Portuguese after the separation, further confirmation of the importance of the Karim.

GOLDEN BALL? – Players, roles and different figures, but after years of being almost mistreated Benzema is taking its revenge and is consecrating itself in elite of the balloon. Self Lewandowski has established itself as a goal machine prototype, Real Madrid has contributed to the development of the modern center forward it is not heresy to consider him the most complete attacker of the last decade of football. Enough to seriously nominate him for the Golden Ball. At least this is the hope that many fans and experts of this sport have made explicit on social networks by launching the hashtag #BenzemaBalonDeOro. The popular acclamation alone will certainly not be enough to give the attacker the most coveted individual prize, it will take a season finale as a leader to give La Liga to Real and try the Champions League comeback over Manchester City after the knockout in the first knockout round. And other spells like that heel strike will be needed. Maybe the Ballon d’Or will not arrive eventually, but for the genius Benzema it won’t be important: for him, ‘just’ keep on making history.@ Albri_Fede90

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