Benevento flies in Serie A! Record inzaghi and now bus party


The Giallorossi beat Juve Stabia 1-0 and won the promotion seven days in advance. The technician: “We entered history”. The Cittadella overtakes Perugia and hooks up Crotone stopped in Ascoli in the hunt for second place

The Witch flies on the back of her straight broom in Serie A. Benevento in her Vigorito (unfortunately empty) beats a Juve Stabia 1-0 that gives nothing and wins the promotion seven days in advance, equaling the Ascoli record in the ’78. One point was enough, three arrived despite a time and a half played in ten for the expulsion of Caldilora and a Montipò capable of canceling the guests’ incursions. The fireworks have filled the city after Sau’s goal already at 71 ‘, the right crowning of a triumphant season, with a team always attentive, dizzying numbers (56 goals scored and 15 conceded, just to name a couple) and a coach, Pippo Inzaghi, who certainly deserves the most important stage of our football. “These guys did something historic. They gave me a lot because I’m a hammer, it’s something incredible! If a record had lasted for a long time there would have been a reason … Maybe for such an undertaking we would have deserved a better scenario , but that’s okay, I certainly didn’t think of making history, “commented Inzaghi at the end of the race. And the President Oreste Vigorito, moved: “I promised myself and my brother that we would come back. It was not obvious, even if when you get there it seems all simple … But a moment like this repays you for everything”.

The match

The Caserta team does not want and cannot limit itself to making an appearance in the Giallorossi party. Already from the first minutes he shows that he is fully present on the pitch and his first big chance of the match is his, with the right-footed turn of the boat on which Montipò arrives without shivers. Stabian defense is solid and compact, Inzaghi’s men struggle to find spaces. He succeeds in the 16 ‘when Moncini engages Provedel and on his short rejected Del Pinto shoots sensationally high. Benevento complicates the evening at 24 ‘, when the referee pulls out the red card against Caldirola for protests. Inzaghi shakes his head, removes Del Pinto and inserts Tuia. The race changes, Juve Stabia sinks with less caution and in the 33rd minute it still touches the advantage with Forte di testa who tests Montipò’s reflexes. In the second half the story does not change, the team from Caserta is still playing the game and going one step from the goal in the 62nd minute with Forte’s header just a little above the crossbar. In the meantime, Crotone takes the lead in Ascoli (then draws): Benevento knows that it cannot afford to lose if it wants to celebrate tonight. And this is where he brings out the best: at 71 ‘Sau launched into the area by Schiattarella brings the ball to the left and places it under the crossbar! Inzaghi on the bench goes wild, Serie A is something done. You resist (also thanks to a super Montipò) smiling until 90 ‘, then the party explodes, first on the sidelines with peaks and the forced technician who takes off his shirt and wears the one with the A, then with the team in the coach brought in triumph around the city.

Spezia-Pisa 1-2

It is Gyasi who unlocks the match for the hosts, making the most of the left-footed assist from Ragusa. But Pisa is not there, continues to create play and at 38 ‘finds the same with Marconi, who then doubles at 85’. Lo Spezia ends up in fourth place, behind Crotone and Cittadella.

Ascoli-Crotone 1-1

A lot of possession for the guests, who however cannot manage to be incisive in front of goal. The goal came only in the 60th minute thanks to Barberis’ free kick. Important points, because the fight for the direct A is very open. But at 78 ‘the former Trotta is equal. Crotone thus finds itself third, joined by the Citadel.

Chievo-Frosinone 2-0

First half with few emotions, with Chievo slightly better than a too renouncing Frosinone. In the second half the hosts placed two goals in two minutes: 54 ‘with Obi and 55’ with Vignato in the lead.

Cittadella-Perugia 2-0

The Cittadella suffers but finds the advantage at 40 ‘on Rosi’s penalty on Diaw who then goes on the spot and transforms. The scene is repeated at 56 ‘: hand ball by Rosi in the area and Diaw from eleven meters who signs the brace. With this victory, Venturato’s men overtake La Spezia and take third place together with Crotone.

Pordenone-Entella 2-0

A single shot on goal in the first 45 minutes, but the recovery opens with the goal of Pordenone signed by Davide Mazzocco in the 52nd minute with a precise left foot on the second post. And at 90 ‘also comes the seal of Barison.

Livorno-Venice 0-2

Easy away victory for Venezia against Livorno in the final classification: in goal at 18 ‘Longo and 22’ Capello with a great header.

Pescara-Empoli 1-1

In the first half more Pescara than Empoli, with a couple of good chances for Zappa. But it is the Tuscans who carry on at 64 ‘thanks to the delicious touch of the new entry Ciciretti who slips under seven. The draw comes in the 77th minute with Maniero on a penalty kick.

Cosenza-Trapani 2-2

Guests took the lead in the 20th minute, when Taugourdeau from the penalty spot transformed the penalty awarded for Schiavi’s hold on Piszczek. Cosenza had the same opportunity shortly after, but from eleven meters Bruccini had his shot saved by Carnesecchi. At 37 ‘Trapani doubles with Dalmonte, but immediately afterwards the hosts shortened with Baez keeping the match open. And in full recovery here is the equal of Cosenza with Assencio.

Salernitana-Cremonese 3-3

Early in the afternoon, a breathtaking second half spoils the dream of Bisoli’s Cremonese victory on the field of Salernitana di Ventura. The Grigiorossi go straight ahead with Celar on 6 ‘which doubles on 68’. Dziczek shortens on penalty only in the 73rd minute and six minutes later Di Tacchio finds the tie. Bisoli on the bench does not give up and the reaction is there, also thanks to the expulsion of Lombardi after a decomposed reaction that cancels the numerical superiority of the bells after the red to Arini always in the second half: in the 86th minute Zortea’s goal arrives with a cross shot that mocks Micai. It seems all is over but at 93 ‘Gondo is landed in the area: penalty kick for Salernitana and at 96’ Di Tacchio from the spot is not wrong, before the eyes of the patron Lotito. It ends with Bisoli expelled and the players of the Cremonese furious: three points would have been fundamental to get away from the hot area of ​​the ranking and would have served well to Salernitana to take an important step towards the top. A point really does not serve anyone.

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