Benelli GT 1200, the three-cylinder maxi tourer is on the way


Last January Qianjiang Motorcycle, or the Chinese company that also controls the Benelli brand, approved the new QJ1200-3. Then, a few weeks ago that bike became reality, in a version reserved for the Chinese police, the QJ1200J, but there are many clues that lead us to think that the Benelli version of that bike could also arrive soon.

A video that appeared on a Chinese website, showing the QJ1200J reserved for the police, reveals the push button power switch marked “Benelli”. In addition to the keyless start, the video shows us the instrumentation of the motorcycle, consisting of a color TFT screen placed in the center of two round analog instruments, in the left one we can also note the red area of ​​the engine, which starts at 10,000 rpm. to reach full scale at 14,000 rpm. It is also interesting to see standard equipment at the top, with pressure sensors, LED headlights and front fairing and mirrors that automatically return to the “rest” position when the motorcycle is off (this also means that both are electrically adjustable).

In addition to the video, the first (unofficial) images of what could be the new Benelli GT 1200 have also sprung up. On the motorbike, only the house logo is missing, but we should be there … Unlike the motorbike reserved for the police, here sirens and flashing lights disappear and we find two-seater saddle and rear case, in addition to the side cases. The aesthetic is that of a great traveler and according to the approval documents, the bike will be powered by a 1,209 cc three-cylinder in-line engine derived from the 1,130 cc used in the past for Tre-K and Tornado. In this configuration the engine will be able to deliver one maximum power of 136 HP – like BMW R 1250 RT – and will allow the bike to reach a maximum speed of 220 km / h. The wheelbase measures 1,550 mm, weight 338 kg and rear tire ZR17 190/55. Compared to the first renderings, the final transmission disappears as a cardan shaft to give way to a more classic chain. Even the swingarm seems to have the same tubular design used on the “old” Benelli Tre 1130 K, with its characteristic chain adjustment system.

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