Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino, “it all started in the garage of their house”. Horns, scenes and escapes, earthquake background – Libero Quotidiano


Roberto Alessi

Premise: Belen and Stefano were born to be together. I support the couple, they will never find another to be happy with, they are difficult to place, she, but he too. Although beautiful, rich and famous as they are, they are spoiled for choice. Meanwhile, gossip and controversy, revelations, rumors and comments go crazy. «But how do you behave? You disgust me. Do you have an extraordinary wife that everyone envies you and what do you do, betray her? Shame on you! But who do you think you are, remember where you come from », writes a certain Diana on the Instagram account of Stefano De Martino. «Do not let Belen run away, she is a wife and a mother that everyone would like, do not throw your wonderful family away», Stefano writes instead. On the other hand, if Stefano is silent and limits himself to posting apparently insignificant photos,

Belen opened his heart right away even with the fans: «It will pass. Sometimes life puts you back to the same problems just because you really realize how things are! And it is right that this is so … This is how you learn ». But two things can be learned: that sometimes there are moments of crisis and that they can be overcome together. Why are you going then? There is little to browse the cabbage, in the end, we are all crooked stakes. Once intertwined with the complementary one, the right one, one remains unbeatable, even in the midst of storms. And this is the thought of those who love Belen and Stefano. Love happens to you, a fortune, but in the long run love is a choice, even an expensive one: you sacrifice freedom, sometimes even money, autonomous choices. In some ways love also gives you moments of tension. But life in two is more beautiful. Always. Almost always.

Who will have betrayed who? Is he gone or did she kick him out? And it is true that you have reviewed Andrea Iannone? Yes, it’s true, but by chance, in the restaurant where everyone goes And it is true that he has “likes” his ex Emma Marrone? Yes, it is true, but Emma is also on excellent terms with Belen. And maybe Stefano has another, a mysterious girl? In Naples he was photographed with another. But it was the sister. There are those who assure me that Stefano has never stopped betraying Belen. But has it ever started? Is it possible that I never got a picture? But it is also true that the version of Belen, via social media, has left only one hypothesis open. He says it’s not his fault, it wasn’t his choice. Everyone, when Stefano had decided to leave Milan to go to Naples to record Made in South, we understood that something was wrong: why did she stay in Milan? For the lockdown sure, but it would not have been impossible to follow her husband with her son in Naples (there was justification for his work) and Stefano’s parents have a home there. Even if there was a quarantine you could do, to stay together. And he left and also returned, but he did not go to Belen’s house, but to his parents, and then leave for Naples, after a brief greeting in Santiago. Someone tells me that everything would start from one outburst occurred in the box of the house of Belen and Stefano.

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