Bee Simulator, sales have made it possible to adopt a beehive in the bunting –


Sales of Bee Simulator, the first family game focused on nature, allowed Nacon Italia to to adopt a true hive in the Pavia plain. In this way, the players were able to help this very useful insect, fundamental for the preservation of biodiversity, the environment, food production and human life itself, not only in video games, but also in reality.

Thanks to a close agreement with 3Bee, a Como-based company that develops systems to improve the life of bees and their management, users who purchased a copy of Bee Simulator had the opportunity to contribute to the adoption of a beehive. The beekeeper chosen for this activity, a private individual from the province of Pavia, it quickly went from 50 to 150 hives. It has posts in the plains, in the medium hills and in the high mountains, which allow it to produce different types of honey. It works mainly sedentary and moves with few units to produce linden honey. His big goal is to grow and reach over 300 hives.

The hive will produce Linden honeythanks to Buckfast bees led by the queen, named ‘Sofia’. To find out more and take a look at this beehive, just visit and click on the honey jar in the central section of the page.

This hive guarantees the pollination of about 36 million flowers, as well as safeguarding over 60 thousand bees and indirectly absorbing up to 300 kg of CO2.

A small gesture, but with great environmental implications. In case you are interested in the game, this is our Bee Simulator review.

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