Becuzzi, the tennis player who never wins: “I wait for a joy from 270 games, but I only withdraw if I make an ATP point”


The Wall Street Journal is the bible for world economic information. And especially in a period like this it is rare that you dedicate a full page to sport. Imagine tennis, now stopped (like everything else) for months. And let alone an unknown Italian extreme rear guard who, in his career, will have, yes and no, won a dozen games but never in a main scoreboard of the ATP circuit.If then the WSJ had already dedicated a very long reportage to that player six or seven years earlier, it is clear that Enrico Becuzzi da Cecina (Livorno), with the economic newspaper has a direct line. Or, as far more likely, its history – to which Republic he had dedicated a short documentary film – it is one of those that also fascinates an audience that tends to be far from rackets and balls.
Enrico is 47 years old, an age in which everyone (or almost everyone) abandoned the competitive spirit to become a coach or, more often than not, club masters. Yet every morning – coronavirus or non-coronavirus – this model of determination (and hard head) continues to train like crazy to achieve a goal that – for most – now appears unattainable: get a point, a miserable point, and finally enter the ranking ATP, the world ranking of tennis players. “As long as I have the strength and the desire I will try – confesses Becuzzi – I do not want to give up. I am looking for a victory, only one, and then I will retire.”

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A retreat that would come after a very long career, almost forty years spent on the clay courts: “I started playing late, when I was nine years old, when my father gave me a wooden racket. From that moment on I fell in love of tennis and the great champions of that period: Lendl, McEnroe, Wilander and Connors. Although my myth has always been Guillermo Vilas “.


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Long hair, an unbridled passion for heavy metal, the friendship with Paolo Lorenzi with whom he managed to win a doubles match in South America, the “Becu” as he is nicknamed in the circuit, is now a character. Even if in fans’ forums someone teases him: “I don’t go often on the Internet and in any case everyone is free to say what they want, as long as there is respect. Many instead follow me with affection and I want to thank them because they give me the strength to continue “.

Of course, it is not easy even from an economic point of view: Enrico will have gotten a little less than 10,000 euros in his career and traveling costs: “I am not a fool, I always try to make ends meet. When I can I go, when I understand that I don’t It is appropriate, I give it up. Of course, that time I entered the qualifications of a Master 1000 in Shanghai and they did not give me the visa in time, I was really bad. But do you think about it? What a pity…”.


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And then? Have you ever thought about after a racket globetrotter, happy and loser by definition? “Maybe I’ll teach the kids tennis or I’ll coach. Maybe I’ll go back to the countryside to work with my family. I haven’t thought about it yet. I’m 47 years old and have a dream yet to be achieved. There is time for everything else …”

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