“Because this man is the icon of the Democrats” – Libero Quotidiano


A Maria Giovanna Maglie unleashed against the Democratic Party. The journalist takes aim on Twitter, where she posts the photo of an exponent of Antifa, the far left movement that guides protests after the death of George Floyd in the United States and that Donald Trump would like to ban. It is a man with feminine features, made up, with several tattoos, sitting with the shirt of order in front of a chocolate cake with a hammer and sickle. And Maglie goes on the attack: “The girl-boy is the icon of the Italian Democratic Party. The following appeal certainly inspired him: The United States cannot remain an unfinished democracy for a large portion of the population. They face racism and human rights“concludes Maglie citing the appeal of the group of democratic senators. Finally, he adds the hashtag # latrionferà.

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