“Because the premier hates Casaleggio”. Business and power, what you didn’t know – Libero Quotidiano


The war between Beppe Grillo is Alessandro Di Battista it is to be read against the light. Behind hide Giuseppe Conte and his government on one side e Davide Casaleggio on the other. The founder of the M5s, as Ilario Lombardo points out on The print, understood that the sortie of Dibba is aimed at destabilizing the executive in agreement with the son of Gianroberto, and therefore must be fought with all his might. The real challenge, therefore, is among the governisti and i movementists, who hope to find positions and power in case of balance change at Palazzo Chigi.

On the other hand, deputies and senators have long had bad relations with Casaleggio, “they want to take control of the Rousseau platform“he underlines again The print, while Conte “explicitly asked to keep him away from appointments of the investments that you have been in the past few months. The premier does not trust, he considers the relationship with the incestuous Casaleggio Associati who does private business, weaving relationships with companies. I venture to want to go back to vote in full emergency coronavirus and would have “threatened to even go back to lead the Movement in person”, obviously to arm the status quo and freeze Conte and the alliance with the Democratic Party. The beauty is that Grillo also trusts little Luigi Di Maio. “He believes that the Foreign Minister is in some way undermining Conte – concludes Lombardo – and awaits his moves”. For his part, the former vice premier would have “already told some of his loyalists to get ready”.

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