Because Sarri risks exemption: the game is not there, even Ronaldo has downloaded it. And Agnelli would still have kept Allegri First page


We anticipated it on, Maurizio Sarri is now at risk of being exempted. Maybe not in the current season, although Juve can hardly afford to present himself in the Champions League without changing in the event of the Scudetto not winning. However, it risks concretely in view of the next season. In fact, the brackets of the Italian Cup were enough to bring back all the doubts that the victory with Inter and three months of lockdown had put in a drawer, such a reversal of the football agenda seemed sufficient to allow Sarri to retighten all the bolts of a rickety bench. However, this is not the case, after an unprecedented summer, results will also have to follow, if they are enough. All true, Sarri is seriously at risk of exoneration well before his three-year contract (or two years plus one according to some rumors) can come to an end. Here because.AGNELLI DID NOT WANT TO CHANGE – Starting from the beginning and starting from the top, it is good to remember how Andrea Agnelli, in the absence of first-rate heirs, would have wanted to confirm Max Allegri again. But Juve has the power to delegate and the real responsibility of the managers in their fields, of which he spoke during the farewell press conference of Allegri himself: for better or for worse there are those responsible. In that case, Fabio Guild, even more than Pavel Nedved, at the forefront of considering the cycle exhausted Allegri, previously confirmed worldwide by Agnelli after Juventus-Ajax. And the choice of successor in the end was a middle solution, net of declarations of total trust, a compromise between profiles that for one reason or another did not all agree. Perhaps this is also why Sarri has always had to reiterate its value, its path, even when it was not necessary: ​​the last situation, the pre-Napoli-Juve conference, that of the eight promotions (which should then be six) and the best average points for a Juventus debutant from 1955 to today.

RONALDO DOWNLOADED IT – Cristiano Ronaldo also seems to have downloaded it. The look of CR7 was not the same as always, the autumn misunderstandings had left room for a streak of performances and goals that could silence them. Then the lockdown, then a still flooded Ronaldo. Out of position against Milan, out of the game against Napoli. And immediately the family strike force arrived to make their voices heard via social media: the sister attacks, the mother likes. “Mica can work wonders, how do you play like this?”. A story already seen, a script already read. It was more or less that of Juve-Ajax …ZERO TITLES AND ZERO PLAY – Then there is a team overall that does not seem to follow him. Before it was the new defensive approach. What way has left room for a game that simply does not exist. Maybe it’s gone, considering the positive signs of the beginning of the season. Or maybe it’s not there yet, considering the words of senators who support how Sarri’s hand will be seen next season. In the meantime, however, we need to get there next season. By winning something, at this point only the Scudetto and the Champions remain, which are the real goals. To be reached in a context of great tension, with many players at the center of market dynamics and evidently disheartened (from Rabiot to Pjanic, from Bernardeschi to Higuain), with injuries that already risk making a difference. The latter, paradoxically, does not have a deputy precisely because of Sarri: it was all done for the Kurzawa-De Sciglio exchange, just for the budget it was said, even if a deputy Alex Sandro was missing and still missing. Sarri blocked him, right after Napoli-Juve. He’s not even lucky, that’s for sure.

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