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Other than general states: tomorrow Giuseppe Conte he could enter the prosecutor’s office in Bergamo as an informed person and exit investigated for culpable epidemic. He writes it Dagospia, which relaunches the reconstruction of Republic on the reactions of Palazzo Chigi to the call of the prosecutors, to whom the prime minister will have to explain why the laws were not established red areas in Nembro and Alzanodespite the explicit request of Silvio Brusaferro, president of ISS.

“I’m not worried at all,” was Conte’s first public comment. Republic Talks about “unquestionable political choice“, Giving credit to the beliefs of Palazzo Chigi:”There was no manual to follow in crisis management, but decisions to be taken day by day “. “In those hours, however, not even a CDM was made as for Codogno – a government official reminds Cuzzocrea – these were the days of the dpcm, of solitary choices“. Second Republic the executive suspected that there were not enough law enforcement agencies to establish a new red zone. Of course there is that Conte is now involved in an investigation as a witness, but it is not excluded that after the interview with the magistrates he can become a suspect.

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