“Beautiful” in the time of Covid-19: inflatable dolls for love scenes on set


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Bradley Bell told the American newspaper about the return to work and the crucial obstacles for those who produce a soap opera: “When we were reviewing the script, we started to extract all the romantic scenes, but the whole plot failed miserably. We started to reason together, trying to find a way to make those scenes work without breaking the rules of social distancing “,

“We proposed it and it was very convincing,” he added. “She is a great doll and we will use her with hair and makeup to replace some of the show’s top actresses. We will see how it works. We could invest in more dolls and also male dolls. We are looking for websites and sifting Hollywood to see what it is available, so we could employ many dolls in future love scenes. ”

Bradley Bell also told how filming takes place on the set and the precautions necessary to avoid contagion: the number of people present is limited, and the director is protected behind a Plexiglas panel. And for the romantic scenes, in addition to the use of inflatable dolls there is also another solution: “If the actors can’t touch each other, it’s a problem. So, we thought of contacting some of the actors’ husbands and wives, asking them to play the kissing scenes. Some said they were interested. They will swab and make sure they are safe. So, wife and husband can kiss each other comfortably. We can get hot kisses back in the soap and with little tricks it will seem that the actor is kissing the character he is having an affair with. ”


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