Battlefield 3, remaster coming out together with another project related to the series? –


Battlefield 3 will come back with one remaster in Exit in conjunction with another project related to the DICE series, according to what reported by a insider considered quite reliable.

The source is in fact the same that had correctly anticipated some information relating to Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V: according to the video you find at the bottom, the operation will resume what Activision has done with the recent remasters of call of Duty.

Moreover, the insider in question reports that some famous youtubers have already been aware of the projects related to the Battlefield 3 remaster for a long time, but have given their fake followers a meal rumor.

Originally released in 2011 on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the third installment of the shooter series is set after the events of Battlefield 2, in the near future in which the US is at war with the People’s Republic of China and a Middle Eastern coalition.

However, the insider does not mention the possibility that the Battlefield 3 remaster will be announced during the event tonight: we will probably know more in the coming weeks.

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