battered foot, but physical to scream


Accident on the street for Alessia Marcuzzi, who ruinously fell to the ground causing a foot problem. The photo, however, drives fans crazy

It almost seems to have become a fashion. Thing? The battered foot! After Mara Venier it also happened to Alessia Marcuzzi, that during a walk with the dog she slipped and is fallen to the ground ruinously, hurting his foot.

Mara Venier’s domestic accident


From a few weeks to Sunday in, which returns on time Sunday 28 June for the last episode of this season, the exuberant presenter Mara Venier stoically presents herself in the Fabrizio Frizzi studio, from where the transmission is broadcast, p with her foot with the brace and in a wheelchair.

The accident on the street by Alessia Marcuzzi


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Now, in fact, it’s up to Marcuzzi who posts a video on social media in which he shows himself in bed, complete with imperious thigh detachment, is the foot wrapped in a showy bandage with ice.

“I fell like a boiled chicken”, laughs the presenter, who perhaps could return to video this fall with the total vip version of Temptation Island.

Alessia Marcuzzi

It is the same wife of Paolo Calabrsi Marconi to tell the dynamics of the accident. While he was walking with his little dog Brownie, she hastened to gather her needy on the ground when she slipped causing herself a severe trauma to the ankle. Ouch ouch what pain!

Alessia Marcuzzi

A little ice, but the ankle and save”, Reassures Alessia. To be forgiven, while Marcuzzi is lying in bed with her foot wrapped in ice, her Brownie doesn’t leave her a single second and stands beside her on the bed, keeping her company and obviously making many cuddles.

Fans were very sorry for the little accident that occurred to their darling, but the most mischievous and gourmets will surely have noticed long legs and thigh deadlift, in fact, enhanced by the position of shorts that Alessia wears. A really nice sight.

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