Bastoni publishes the photo with his girlfriend, Papu Gomez makes fun of him


The Nerazzurri defender shared the girl’s post on his profile and the Atalanta striker joked with him along with Petagna

Alessandro Bastoni has conquered Inter and the estimate of With you. On social media it is usually very discreet. This time he reposted the photo of his girlfriend, Camilla.

Papu Gomez he teased him, the two have known each other since the time of Atalanta, and he also tagged Petagna: “That’s not true,” wrote the Argentine. And Petagna gives credit to the conquest of shoes. Bastoni laughed at us: “Those shoes are in the 500th presence.” Pure Esposito, Inter striker, makes fun of the defender and replies to Peracchi: “Suffice it in love? Suffice it in madness ”.

Many messages from the Nerazzurri fans that show esteem to the young footballer of Conte who, among the Instagram stories, has posted the countdown to the recovery.



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