Baron’s son furious on social media: “A penalty for Lazio’s shame”


FLORENCE – As already happened for Fiorentina’s sporting director Daniele Pradè last night, Pietro Barone was also furious with the referee Fabbri for the penalty given to Lazio last night in the match lost by the Viola at the Olimpico: “I’ve been following football for a lifetime, I know how it goes. But sometimes I don’t want to believe that’s still the case. It is truly a shame“Joe’s son, the right arm of the president violates Rocco Commisso and general manager of the club, wrote on Twitter. During the game, Barone junior had let himself go to other comments against the refereeing direction:”He threw himself“referring to Caicedo in the penalty action that kicked off Lazio’s comeback. Then he wrote:”Are we joking? It was not rigor, it is non-existent“. Reviewing the action on the replay, and replying to a follower, Pietro Barona tweeted:”Let me know why they didn’t go to see him again in the Var“.

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