Banners for Gattuso: from Naples to Milan, all with Rino


“Close to the family Gattuso. This is one of the banners that Napoli fans exhibited today in the city to testify their affection for the Italian coach after the death of his sister Francesca. The ultras of Curva B signed this banner posted on the wall of the San Paolo stadium. The ultras of Curve A instead displayed a banner with the writing “There are no words to this pain, we are close to you mister”. Other banners of proximity were exhibited in Castel Volturno, near the Napoli technical center. One was also made by fans of the Milan: “The Curva Sud hugs the pain of the Gattuso family: RIP Francesca”.

Naples, Gattuso in the drama: his sister died

Drama Gattuso: his sister died

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