Banks and business loans, long times but trying to accelerate


Smore and more companies are knocking on banks for guaranteed loans, to obtain the liquidity they need enormously: applications for the SME Guarantee Fund have now risen to over 640,000. Then there are the moratoriums on mortgages, more than 2.6 million requests for 277 billion euros. Lastly, the 64 loan request operations guaranteed by Sace, for about 7.3 billion. But how quickly does the money arrive?

Since the beginning, several banks have shown rigidity and difficulty both for the amount of work and for the internal bureaucracies related to the checks, moreover in an improvised smart working phase. Also because – as it had become clear from the outset – you still need a credit line, in particular for loans over € 25 thousand: so much so that as of May 20, only 24.1% of requests were still accepted (11,663 su 48,252) above this threshold, according to the Parliamentary Commission on Banks.

Only after more than three months from the launch of the government instruments with the Liquidit and Cura Italia decrees, the system is coming into full swing. The introduction of the self-certification has speeded up the times, explained the head of the Bank of Italy’s Supervision, Paolo Angelini, but a letter was also needed to shake the slow banks. The weekly photograph updated on June 5 of the Mef task force, Economic Development, Bankitalia, Abi, Mcc and Sace, allows you to have a wider view. Moratoriums are the fastest: around 87% of applications have been processed, and only 2% have been rejected; the rest under consideration. Except that the issue of ending the moratorium, which was only for six months, is already taking place. So much so that the government is studying the extension of the duration to beyond September, so that businesses do not find themselves burdened with additional charges in the autumn. On the other hand, the percentage of loans granted to businesses is lower, practically two thirds of the 849,000 applications submitted by SMEs, self-employed and professionals, for over 54 billion euros. From March 17 to June 16, 645,985 bank guarantee applications (which essentially correspond to the accepted loan applications) were received by the Mcc Guarantee Fund for over 34 billion. Over 580 thousand are loans up to 25 thousand euros (100% guaranteed), for 11.7 billion.

The Bank of Italy specifies that the percentage of loans disbursed is growing rapidly compared to the end of the previous week, which suggests that the causes of delays in disbursements are being resolved. A further push could come from the innovations introduced with the conversion into law of the Liquidity decree and approved on Wednesday 17 by the European Commission, which raises the threshold of 100% guaranteed loans from 6 to 10 years to 30 thousand euros (from 25 thousand) the term of the loan.

The ABI specified yesterday that to request the extension of the loan or the extension of the duration, a request for confirmation of the guarantee already granted must be sent to the Fund manager, without requiring a new guarantee. If, on the other hand, new ad hoc financing is requested, self-certification must be used, which is proving to be the true accelerator since it excludes controls that are not anti-money laundering and anti-mafia, for new clientsthe.

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