Bank transfer transfer reason: what to write


When the need arises to make a credit transfer, it is not often known which type of reason to use. Here are some examples of reasons that could be used when ordering a credit transfer.

Why the reason is important when ordering a bank transfer

Why is the insertion of the reason so important when ordering a bank transfer? Usually the reason is a very important item that aims to justify the transfer of money from one account to another. Although represents a valid reminder for the payer, it is useful to say that the reason for payment does not definitively relieve the account holder from possible tax controls. This means that i tax controls they can also distance themselves from what appears in the reason for payment if the conditions for an illegal action exist.

Bank transfer transfer reason: what to write when ordering the money transfer

When we talk about the reason for the transfer, we find ourselves in a particular situation: the account holder must make a transfer to himself. How to proceed in these cases without alerting the tax authorities?

In order to perform a transfer transaction it is important that the data of both accounts are available. In particular, it is essential to have the Iban code of the account to which the money is sent.

What to include in the reason when ordering the transfer? For the credit transfer, it is also possible not to necessarily report a reason. However, since we said that it acts as a reminder, it is always preferable to insert one that is indicative of the transfer that is being performed.

By way of example, some possible alternatives to be considered are the following: “transfer for family management”, “transfer for payment X” or “transfer for supply restoration”. In the event that errors are made in completing the credit transfer, it is possible to remedy by following the instructions indicated here.

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