Bank transfer: attention to the 5 movements to be absolutely avoided


The Tax Office controls our money and ours checking accounts always in order to avoid illegal activities and tax evasion. In fact, tax evaders are not few in Italy!

However, there are operations that more than others push the Revenue Agency to carry out investigations. In this article we will see what they are.

Bank transfer: attention to the 5 movements to be absolutely avoided

The ways to transfer money are different. Among these, one of the most used is the bank transfer.

With this tool it is, in fact, possible to transfer money from one checking account to another easily and safely. But be careful with the tax checks.

Some bank account movements may arouse suspicion in the Revenue Agency.

So what are the 5 movements to absolutely avoid when making a wire transfer.

False invoices

The first thing to avoid in order not to risk an investigation is to pay false invoices.

To risk is not only those who issue the false invoice but also those who pay it.

The false invoice is a tax offense and it is up to the Revenue Agency and the Guardia di Finanza to intervene.

Sometimes, for the sole purpose of obtaining concessions from the State or the Treasury, invoices are issued without having ever received anything in return. Very dangerous operations.

Il Fisco manages to discover false invoices by following several tracks.

When no money passes after the issue of an invoice, the alarm bell rings and the Tax Department intervenes.

Reimbursement of expenses not demonstrable

Expense reimbursements are also targeted by the tax authorities when they are not demonstrable.

In order not to take risks with the tax authorities, it is important to always be able to prove the expenses incurred with a document.

Sometimes money is received by way of reimbursement of expenses from people with whom you have never had any kind of personal, parental or contractual relationship. Therefore, be careful to pass money from one account to another like this.

Money transfers between spouses

Money transfers between spouses are also risky.

When the money transfers between husband and wife are frequent and the figures are also quite high, the Tax Office hardly checks.

In order not to risk it is always good in this case too, to be able to prove the origin of that money.

In this regard, you can also read by clicking here what risks you run when the wife receives money from her husband.

Bank transfers not demonstrable

Periodic credit transfers to the same person are also always suspect. The taxman may become suspicious and initiate investigations.

When the amount of money received is minimal, the taxman hardly intervenes.

But when the amounts start to be several thousand Euros, it is good to always document and justify the transfer.

Bank transfer from abroad

When credit transfers are received from abroad, the tax authorities are more subject to control.

This not only for large amounts but also for small amounts.

In particular, when the bank transfer figures are quite substantial before the tax authorities, the bank itself is likely to intervene.

The anti-money laundering rules allow banks to ask the customer for clarifications on wire transfers received.

In the absence of satisfactory answers, the bank can alert the Inland Revenue.


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