Bandits run over the carabiniere. Head injury: the military is serious


A car on the run. The checkpoint. The carabineer rushed to hospital with severe head injury. These are the first details that emerge from the umpteenth tribute of the police forces engaged in the fight against the criminals.

We are in Mordano, in the Imola area. Around 4 in the morning the military set up a checkpoint to intercept a car with four men on board who, just before, attempted a split in Lugo in the Ravenna area. When the car approaches the checkpoint, it reports the Adnkronos, two of the criminals run away on foot while the other two remain on board. After pretending to stop at the alt, the driver suddenly restarts investing a carabiniere. It is a 48-year-old military man, now hospitalized in theMaggiore hospital of Bologna in reserved prognosis, although it should not be life threatening. There is talk of a strong head injury and several bruises suffered.

An Alfa Romeo 159, similar to the one used by the criminals, stolen on Friday Imola, was then set on fire in via Rivani in Bologna. The carabinieri now hunt down the four members of the gang. The two left in the car are accused of attempted murder.

Comments from politics

Immediate comment by Matteo Salvini: “While the government is busy dismantling the security decrees and sending the prisoners home, a gang of delinquents attempt a split and then run over a carabiniere who is now seriously ill in hospital. Solidarity and gratitude to the weapon and to all the police forces. The League is on their side. Which government is it on? ” Anna Maria Bernini, president of the Forza Italia senators, instead addresses the carabiniere with “a great wish for a speedy recovery”. “Our thought of immense gratitude goes to all our law enforcement agencies – he says – always at the forefront of the fight against crime, who daily put their lives at the service of the common good. I hope that the criminals are soon identified and brought to justice. Faced with such serious facts, a rule of law has a duty to guarantee the certainty of the sentence “.

Police solidarity

“We express maximum solidarity to our colleague and his family, in the hope that he will recover soon. And while we think about the terrible moment that will have to overcome, the anger grows to find that, day after day, the brutality and the arrogance of the delinquents reap one victim after another among the uniformed staff who, in response, not only do not he is sufficiently protected, but he is even too often denigrated, accused, scourged. Today while we wait for that Amnesty comments on this news with the same punctuality with which he accuses us of using violence against citizens, we wonder what would have happened if the colleague had attempted to defend himself perhaps by putting his hand on the weapon? “. To say it is Valter Mazzetti, Secretary General of the Fsp State Police Federation, after a 48-year-old carabiniere was swept away by thieves on the run in Mordano, in the province of Bologna, and is now hospitalized in a reserved prognosis. “The truth – concludes Mazzetti – is that in this strange country, criminals, criminals and violents are more protected and guaranteed than those belonging to the police, left without suitable tools, and without sufficient legal and operational protection, as well as exposed to the harmful effects of a mentality that wants them to be good targets for all occasions and sacrificial victims on the altar of security claimed but not tolerated, nor seriously predisposed. In Italy those suffocated under an unsustainable weight are women and men in uniform. “

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