Balotelli returns to Torbole Casaglia: the training lasts 39 minutes


Thirty-nine minutes. The training at very bland rhythms lasted for a long time Mario Balotelli, the first after the player had been ill since 3 June and after being sent home on Tuesday because according to Brescia officials he had not yet recovered from a medical certificate.

There was a ballet on the dates (according to Mario’s entourage the disease was over) that will be new matter for when Brescia and the player will meet in front of the Arbitration panel who will have to evaluate whether there are extremes or not for the unilateral termination of the contract, as Cellino would like.

Meanwhile, the white-blue center forward showed up at the Sports Center at 18.40 and at 19.01 (as per the schedule established by the club) took the field. Some shots, mild stroke, a couple of shots in the empty goal and a lot of talk with the athletic trainers Cellio and Barbieri that have been made available to him by the club.

Balotelli left the Sports Center at 7.47 pm, also risking to invest a couple of journalists who tried to stop him for his explanation of the events of the past few days.