Balotelli goes to training, Brescia chases him away


The attacker arrived punctually in the center of Torbole Casaglia, but an attendant chased him away. “Now say I don’t want to train …” Balo then told reporters

Mario Balotelli showed up twenty minutes before 9 this morning at the sports center of Torbole Casaglia and after a brief meeting with an employee of the company he returned home. Brescia, therefore, does not allow the attacker to resume training. Mario, leaving the sports center, would have let himself go even to an ironic phrase with the journalists present: “Now say that I don’t want to train …”.

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The diatribe between him and Massimo Cellino, therefore, is enriched with a new chapter. After the medical certificate for gastroenteritis (which would expire today), the club’s appeal to unilaterally terminate the contract and now the denial of the facility for training. And now?


The position of the club is this: Balotelli sent a certificate from his general practitioner according to which he had recovered yesterday evening around 9.30 pm. But, for an administrative speech, the email arrived outside of work hours making communication with INPS impossible. Therefore, due to lack of technical times, it was not possible to make the sports center accessible. For example, if he had hurt himself while running, he would not have been covered.

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