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The famous saying “Nemo propheta in patria” suits Barwuan Balotelli Mario, born in 1990 in Palermo but raised in Bagnolo Mella, in the province of Brescia. After wandering around clubs and top clubs in Italy and abroad, the landing in Brescia last August had the flavor of redemption. It was the last chance to find a safe haven from which to relaunch one’s career. This was not the case. We are on the stamped papers. An unhappy man will have to deal with it Mino Raiola who sees his former jewel lose value definitively. In Brescia it ended worse than elsewhere.

But wherever it has been Balotelli left no regrets. In Milan shore Inter, in Manchester shore City, back to Milan shore Milan and then a Liverpool, to Nice it’s at Marseilles. Everywhere traumatic ruptures and controversial scene exits. Blame? Always from someone else, according to him. In turn they were accused: fans, presidents, clubs, comrades. Today, thirty years old, Mario is not and will no longer be Super. Even its avenue of sunset is not particularly long. The numbers don’t lie and in Balotelli’s curriculum there are many and pitiless. Two clubs where it lasted the longest. Inter Milan where he made his Serie A debut at 17 and where he stopped for three seasons (59 games and 20 goals) and the City of Mancini (43 games in three years and 20 goals). The one where AC Milan made the most with 43 games and 26 goals in the 2013 season. To forget the experiences in Liverpool (one goal), Marseille (8 goals) and Brescia (5) goals and a handful of matches. An intermezzo of hope between 2016 and 2019 in Nice, which yields 33 goals in 61 games.

Even the national team sought him, courted him, incensed him but also there one disappointment after another. Prandelli makes him debut in blue in 2010 and despite alternating current performances he takes him up to the 2014 World Cup. He is the spearhead of the expedition. A disaster. His disappointing performances turn the Brazilian trip into a failure leading to Prandelli’s resignation. The blue experience is actually closed. With With you (who doesn’t really see it) and with his discoverer Mancini still some sporadic appearances in blue jersey.

But the (sad) story of SuperMario it has not only a sporty aspect but also a social one. Balotelli was to be the symbol of that Italy multicultural and multirùrtnica which is being painstakingly formed. Balotelli’s failure demonstrates, symbolically, how long this road is still. And now what happens? Word to Raiola. It is easy to foresee an escape to lands far from Europe and great football. The suggestion of Brazil, cradled by the player last summer, promises to be more than complex. The country is overwhelmed by the pandemic with the championship stopped and all the companies in serious economic difficulties.

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