Ballot results only on electronic register: unions oppose new MI note


The Ministry of Education has published a new note, n. 9168 of 9 June 2020, with which it clarifies some aspects of the “final assessment of pupils for the 2019/2020 school year and first provisions for the recovery of learning”. Unions against.

The new note intends to provide further clarifications and clarifications on the application of Ministerial Ordinance no. 11 of May 16, 2020.

The Ministry specifies that the ballots of the intermediate classes of primary, secondary and lower secondary schools can only be published in the electronic register. The results of the ballots with the indication for each student “admitted” and “not admitted” to the next class, are published, for each class, in the bulletin board reserved area of ​​the electronic register, which can only be accessed by students of the reference class. Clarifications which are therefore more stringent than the previous provisions.

And again, the marks in tenths, including those less than six, are reported, in addition to the assessment document, also in the reserved area of ​​the electronic register which the individual student can access through his / her personal credentials or, if it is underage student, the parent can access it. Publication on the school register is allowed only in cases where the institutions have no electronic register.

The unions are not there

To final ballot operations already underway and nearing completion, with many schools that have already taken steps to publish the results of the final ballots – points out Elvira Serafini, Secretary General Snals – the Ministry denies itself with note 9168, which deems the publication of the ballots on the online register of schools, previously recommended, illegitimate. The Snals-Confsal expresses total dissent against an inconsistent administrative practice“.

Contrary also Rino Di Meglio, national coordinator of the Teachers’ Guild: “So it happens that, after a few days, Viale Trastevere churns out conflicting measures on the same theme“.

Antonello Giannelli, president of the PA, sent a letter to Minister Azzolina for “express the strongest disappointment towards the ministerial note“. “As for the method – explains Giannelli – I consider completely unacceptable that, on a delicate matter such as that of the publication of the results of the ballots, new instructions are issued in clear contrast to those already issued, less than two weeks ago, with the note AOODGOSV n. 8464 of May 28, 2020“. Giannelli therefore requests the correction of the note, since “the instructions provided yesterday, in all evidence, regulate the matter in a contrasting way with the provisions of the currently applicable regulations“.

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