Bad weather Puglia, rain and hail, coup de grace to the cherries “Ferrovia”


Cloudbursts and hailstorms in the last few hours have given the coup de grace to the cherries in Puglia, also damaging the «Ferrovia» variety, after mowing up to 90% of the harvest of the Bigarreau and Georgia firstfruits. This is what Coldiretti Puglia complains that returns to ask for the immediate activation of the state of natural disaster for a sector that, together with almonds, fruit such as apricots, peaches and percoche, vegetables and potatoes, has suffered serious repercussions from the sudden waves of bad weather that hit Puglia from March 24 onwards.

“In addition to the damage caused by bad weather, the mockery of imports of cherries from Turkey, Greece and Spain is added. All this while the law that obliges operators to clearly indicate on the label the origin of fruit and vegetables has fallen miserably », is the president of Coldiretti Puglia, Savino Muraglia, to denounce what is happening in these days to the detriment of the cherry sector Bari. With the legislative decree 306/2002, which entered into force on 15 February 2002, the penalties have been defined – recalls Coldiretti Puglia – for those who violate the community regulations governing the marketing of fruit and vegetables by establishing, among other things, the requirements that must be owned by the products.

“The imports of cherries from abroad pollute the market by introducing foreign products without a clear indication of the origin and provenance. It is urgent to put in place tight controls to ensure the possibility for consumers to buy local product which, being not subject to long transport times, guarantees unique freshness and authenticity, especially in light of the efforts that local entrepreneurs have made to guarantee a product high quality, ”insists President Muraglia.

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