Bad weather, heavy storms in Piedmont: almost 50mm in Pralormo, 43.4mm, hail and wind over Turin [FOTO e VIDEO]


Strong temporal have been breaking down since early afternoon on the Piedmont, causing rain and inconvenience. TO turin 43.4mm of rain fell and the hailstorm (photo above) on Saturday 27 June in bad weather conditions. Rain is wind also to Biella, where the rain caused inconvenience (see video at the bottom of the article).

In the south of Turin, the market stalls in piazza Bengasi have been turned upside down by the wind. In via Vigliani, the road was flooded because of the clogged manholes. Various interventions of the Fire Brigade especially in the Canavese for trees is fallen poles, which in some cases also blocked the roads. Problems in this sense to Baldissero Canavese, Romano Canavese, Torre Canavese and Strambinello. In Baldissero some fallen plants have also isolated a farmhouse. In Torre, in the Valli region, a tree blown down by the wind has fallen on the wires of the power line.

Among today’s most significant rainfall data in the region, we highlight: 49,8mm in Pralormo (also affected by one hailstorm) 45,8mm to Perrero, 43,4mm in Turin, 32,2mm in Muzzano, 29.8mm in Bardonecchia, 29,6mm in Coazze, 25,8mm to Massello, 21,6mm in Pragelato.

Bad weather, rainstorm and hail over Turin [VIDEO]

Bad weather, thunderstorm and strong gusts of wind in Turin [VIDEO]

Bad weather, the images of the storm in Turin [VIDEO]

Bad weather in Piedmont, storm and flooding in Moncalieri [VIDEO]

Bad weather, heavy rains and wind on Biella [VIDEO]

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