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TORINO. After the self-healing storms that yesterday, Sunday 7 June, triggered real hail storms, rain and wind, causing significant damage in particular to agriculture and flooding in different cities and countries, bad weather will return today.

In fact, it will be a yellow alert on most of Piedmont, in particular in all areas close to the mountains, starting from the afternoon / evening, when heavy rainfall in the form of showers will reappear on different areas. “These are unpredictable phenomena at the micro scale level – the meteorologists explain – because a strong storm, capable of discharging even large quantities of rain in a very short time causing damage and flooding can occur in a certain place but, a handful of kilometers further north or to the south the sun can shine quietly ». A bit like yesterday. The thunderstorms hit like a leopard: the whole area of ​​Turin South and East was involved, then Moncalieri, Santena, Trofarello. But also the Northern area (affected Seventh, the underpass for the flooded railway station) and the area around Cambiano.

The video of the rain, hail and wind storm on the Turin-Piacenza highway: “We were afraid”

And the forecast for today? “In the North, rains and a few thunderstorms will be present in the morning especially in eastern Liguria, Lombardy and Triveneto, extending in the day to Emilia Romagna and Piedmont” say the experts of 3bmeteo. The Arpa Piemonte bulletin. In short, summer does not take off. And it is probable, according to the weather trend, that for at least a couple of weeks the weather will be characterized by instability and thunderstorms.

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