Back in Vodafone: 50 Giga, unlimited minutes and text messages at 7 euros per month until 9 June 2020 –


Some former Vodafone target customers are receiving the proposal to activate the winback offer from the red operator Vodafone Special 50 Digital Edition for 7 euros per month.

The operator is in fact inviting some former target customers (who had left commercial consent) to go back to Vodafone with an offer dedicated to them, available until 9 June 2020, unless extended.

There Vodafone Special 50 Digital Edition offers unlimited minutes to all national fixed and mobile numbers, Unlimited SMS towards all e 50 Giga of data traffic at the cost of 7 euros per month, with the Vodafone 25 New plan.

The so-called are also included Digital Services, i.e. assistance via digital channels of Vodafone, such as TOBi and the MyVodafone App, included and available 24 hours a day to chat with a consultant and be called back if necessary.

Below the text of the Vodafone SMS campaign for the Vodafone Special 50 Digital Edition at the price of 7 euros per month:

“Go back to Vodafone! Just for you 50 Giga, unlimited minutes and SMS to everyone at 7 euros per month with the new Digital Service. SIM cost and activation Free! Details on additional costs if used at 800034663 or on To activate go to our stores or online on by 09/06 “.

In the SMS, the operator therefore invites customers to go to a shop or continue with online activation by June 9, 2020.

The offer includes once again the SIM and free activation, with the possibility of receiving the SIM sent to your home for free if you choose online activation.

In this regard, it should be remembered that even in the last few weeks, the telephony stores have remained open and safe: retailers have in fact adopted all the measures to prevent and limit contagions necessary to allow customers to activate an offer in the shop.

The Vodafone Special 50 Digital Edition provides basic the debit on the remaining credit, however, please note that the customer can activate Automatic Top-up on a credit card or current account to obtain a top-up of 5 euros each time the credit drops below 5 euros.

The minutes and SMS of the offer are unlimited in compliance with the principles of good faith and fairness, while exceeded 50 Giga included the connection will be blocked. In Roaming in the EU, the customer will be able to surf with a limit to the monthly data traffic, as required by the relevant Regulation.

It should be noted that the Vodafone Special 50 Digital Edition offer at 7 euros per month is only offered to some selected ex Vodafone customers, while others may receive personalized offers and prices. For example, some customers are receiving the same offer at 12 euros per month.

In addition, different deadlines can be set for activation, which will still be reported in the SMS sent.

The Vodafone Special 50 Digital Edition offer is also available in teleselling, through some call centers, for some former customers who in the past had left commercial consent, with the possibility also of receiving free SIM and activation and the first month included in the case in which it is possible to obtain free shipping by courier.

The tariff offers of the telephone operators they may be subject to unilateral changes over time and that in cases of this occurrence, Vodafone notifies the customer a month earlier as required by current legislation.

With Vodafone, the customer can activate the convergence mechanism Giga Family to get up to 100 Giga a month more (thus reaching 150 Giga in total) if you insert the Vodafone SIM cards in the fixed network bill.

In detail, the free mechanism provides that the customer receives 50 Giga free every month, additional to those of the offer bundle, if you add a number to the convergence mechanism. In this case, the number must be that of the fixed line holder.

By adding additional SIM cards, even with different personal data, the advantage for each will be of 100 Giga more per month, also for the first SIM connected. To obtain the bonus offered by the convergent mechanism, however, the recurring cost of the mobile line must be charged on the associated fixed line invoice.

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Vodafone Promo Not Pago

As mentioned above, the Vodafone Special 50 Digital Edition offered to some former customers has pre-activated the plan by default Vodafone 25 New which includes Smart Passport +, SMS Return Receipt, Answering Machine, Call Me Recall Service and the mechanism applied in case of negative credit.

Vodafone Smart Passport +, which cannot be deactivated, offers 60 minutes (30 incoming and 30 outgoing) and 500 Megabytes per day in Roaming, at the price of 3 euros in Switzerland, Turkey, Albania, Monaco, San Marino and the USA and at the price of 6 euros in other countries, with different bundles, only in case of use and only in Roaming outside the European Union.

Service SMS Return Receipt instead it has a cost of 25 euro cents for each SMS notification received, but it is usually not enabled by default in phones and must be activated by the terminal itself. Likewise, you can decide to disable the service from the phone menu.

Services Call me and Recall instead they have a standard price of 12 euro cents per day only in case of use instead listening to the voice mail it has a standard cost of 1.50 euros per day in case of use.

However, please note that with the Special 50 Digital offer, listening to the Answering Machine and availability services Call me & Recall are included at no additional cost.

Finally, the plan envisages the service of continuity in case of negative credit, to continue calling and surfing without limits at the price of 99 euro cents for 24 hours in case of insufficient credit for the renewal.

If the credit remains insufficient, the customer will have to pay an additional 99 euro cents for another 24 hours, for a total of 1.98 euro. By activating the automatic payment of the renewal, there is no extra cost since the customer will not be in the situation of having insufficient credit at the time of the renewal.


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