Baccalaureate exams, indications for the preparation of all documents


A few days after the start of the high school exams, the organizational circulars multiplied by all the institutions involved, in response, on the one hand, to the prevention and protection measures envisaged to combat the spread of the COVID_19 epidemic, on the other , on the other hand, to meet all the deadlines and duties required by current legislation.

The school manager of the “Archimedes” State Institute of Higher Education of Naples, Prof. Mariarosaria Stanziano, we believe that, more than others or like other DS, she provided a useful organizational vademecum that could be considered good practice in view of this , turbulent and dynamic (better in legislative evolution), state exam or, as students and teachers still call it, “maturity exam”.

Organizational examples for access to school

Below we will provide, only by way of example, some clarifications about the organization of the state exams for secondary school, without pretending to be exhaustive. These are organizational methods that descend from the norm, but are subject to the managerial skills of the school manager. For these reasons, we will use an exceptional guide, as in many cases we do: the school manager of the “Archimedes” State Institute of Higher Education in Naples, Prof. Mariarosaria Stanziano.

The same has foreseen that the modalities of access to school for fifth grade teachers are communicated in order to prepare the necessary documentation for the State exams, not all of them available remotely.

The coordinators of the fifth classes and the teachers who must sign the documents to be presented to the commission and print the material necessary for the completion of the work, must go to school according to a specific calendar, strictly respecting days and times. This, obviously, to guarantee their safety and compliance with health regulations which, despite everything, still appears to be very stringent.


Remember that it is mandatory:

1. submit the completed self-declaration certifying the absence of symptoms (downloadable in the Office forms section on the school website)

2. put on the mask

3. keep the distance of at least 1 meter

4. do not go around the school: the documentation pertaining to the secretariat will be taken to the assigned room

5. don’t go to offices

6. do not anticipate and do not delay in school.

The manager in question proposed a rigorous hourly scan, which is also very acceptable.

In the first time slot (9.00 – 10.30) the coordinator can access the school with a classmate who will help him in the printing and arrangement of the documents.

In the second time slot (10.30 – 11.30 or 11.30 – 12.30, depending on the case) the coordinator will wait for all the colleagues in the class to sign the documentation.

The folder relating to state exams: what does it contain?

As for the preparation of the folder, which will be provided by the secretariat, and the material provided by the secretariat, including the stationery one, will already be available in the assigned classrooms. Listed below is the documentation that the folder must contain and that the coordinators must print and have signed:

1. Document dated 30 May (provided by the protocol office and to be signed)

2. Annexes to the document dated 30 May:

  • programs carried out by single discipline (to be printed and signed) – final reports by single discipline (to be printed and signed)
  • final report of the Company Tutor on PCTOs (to be put on a pendrive).
  • evaluation sheets for the student of the PCTO provider (to be put on a pendrive).
  • evaluation grids (to be printed).
  • any documents relating to tests carried out and initiatives carried out during the year in preparation for the state exam (to be placed on a pendrive).
  • traces of the subjects of the address disciplines sent to the pupils (to be printed)
  • any documentation relating to candidates with specific learning disabilities (DSA) or with disabilities (to be printed)
  • Minutes of the class council in which the traces of the papers were chosen (to be printed and signed)

3. Drafting of the addressing disciplines sent by the students (to be put on a pendrive).

4. Register with all the minutes of the class starting from the first.

5. Report of the ballot (to be printed and signed).

6. Admission board (provided by the teaching secretariat and to be signed).

7. Shirts with the admission judgment for the registration of the State exams (to be printed and signed on the first two pages, the rest on pendants).

8. List of candidates (provided by the teaching secretariat).

9. Candidates’ files (will be provided by the teaching secretariat on June 15).

The signature of the head teacher

Class coordinators should report with a post-it, or other, the documents that must be signed by the Headmaster (and which, due to mistake or otherwise, have not yet been), or:

a) Minutes of the class council in which the traces of the papers were chosen.

b) Document dated May 30th.

c) Minutes of the ballot.

d) Admission board.

e) First two pages of the shirts with the admission judgment.

Guidance documents

It is suggested, with regard to the address document, to check the following, in compliance with the OM. n.10 of 16 May 2020 on State exams (provided that the teacher of the address subject has already sent on 1 June the chosen track (s), which are part of the annexes of the Document of 30 May, to all pupils of their fifth class, using their institutional e-mail):

1. that pupils have returned their work done by June 13, 2020, taking care to name the file with surname, name, class, section, address of studies and addressing it to the e-mail address of the teacher who sent them or to another institutional email that may be provided by the school circular.

2. The teacher of the address subject will collect all the documents in a zipped folder which he will send to the school’s institutional e-mail address (if the students do not decide to do it directly), calling the folder: Subject, class , section, address. In addition, he will upload all the papers on a pendrive to present them on June 15 during the inaugural meeting of the State Exams Commission.

Last fulfilments

Finally, the teachers will leave the complete folder in the assigned room, highlighting the documents to be signed by the School Manager.

The teaching secretariat should collect the folders, verify them in their overall constitution and return them to the commission on June 15th.

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