Baccalaureate 2020: I, a university professor, will be the chairman of the committee because it is time to help


When Professor Vincenzo Pacillo, 50 years old, read the email from the rector of his university inviting researchers and professors from the University of Reggio Emilia and Modena to consider Miur’s appeal to apply to lead one of the commissions for the final exam, he thought that he could not say no. I felt urged by the emergency situation and thought that something I should have done by making myself available. I thought: I want to try. Taking information from acquaintances and other professors on how to do it, Pacillo called the regional school office of Lombardy, since he lives in Gavirate in the Varese area, and he applied for: he will be president of one of the commissions of a high school in the province of Varese. I will know before June 15 when at 8:30

Professor, you are full professor of Canon Law. First of all, how will your students do at the University during these weeks when you have lent to Maturit?
They don’t have to worry, we will reschedule the exams at different times, given that at the moment they are doing at a distance. I should have started a session on June 15, we will begin on 16. Take the exams in the evening, once the high school exam session is over.

Have you ever been a school commissioner?
It was not possible until the circular of the ministry of last June 3 which also opened to us professors and researchers of the first and second level the possibility to help, given that there are not enough committee chairs.

What do you think of this year’s maxi interview, which will replace the Maturit exam?
I am studying the details well. I would like the kids to bring out their ability to reason and to see themselves in perspective.

Who knows what anxiety they will have to be evaluated by a university professor, what question to ask them?
How do you see yourself in twenty years, how do you see what you have learned today in your future.

June 10, 2020 (change June 10, 2020 | 5:26 pm)


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