Bacardi, the disputed legacy of the rum family. The widow: “I fear for our life”


This is a history of rum and dynasties, Liechtenstein trusts and Bermuda-based companies. Over 6.4 billion dollars the estimate of the last turnover, seven thousand employees worldwide. This is the story of a threatened, longed-for inheritance, and legal quarrels and even death threats and an escape, you never know, to save your skin. Six percent of Bacardi founded seven generations ago in 1862 belongs to a nineteen-year-old half Italian. His father was Lord Luis Adalberto Facundo Gomez de Campo Bacardi, born in Cuba in 1933, who became Lord of Bayfield Hall in the Norfolk of Eastern England and died in the Principality of Monaco in 2005. His mother Monika Bacardi, wealthy Italian from Merano, Lady for Marriage, which lives between Monte Carlo and Los Angeles, produces films with Johnny Depp or Al Pacino, who in Beyond the Sun managed to get Pope Francis to act and who, for years, has been fighting for

the brand

shelter the daughter’s legacy. On the subject, they wrote from Washington Post to the Financial Timesa book has been published, and she is always silent. Then, on June 3, she signs a press release to denounce that the trustees of the Trust Bastille created by her husband and who holds two percent of Bacardi Ltd with two companies, are dismissing her from office, so she will not be able to vote against the renewal the governance of the multinational company that bears the family name. He specified that they removed it after he announced that he did not want to vote on the list of candidates for President Facundo L. Bacardi, who has been at the top for 27 years. Bacardi Ltd, to the Reuters agency, declined comments. The vote will take place on Thursday 18 June and, now, Lady Bacardi tells the Courier service: On Monday 15, my legal advisor, Dr. Bruno Capone, filed a complaint against the Trust Bastille and others in an Italian prosecutor’s office for the attention of the Antimafia, with 43 indictments. Fraud and criminal association are just a few. And my daughter, at the age of 18, was to begin to collect the dividends accumulated from the death of her dad, who happened to be four years old, but they deny them.

Really, as it is rumored, one hundred million euros are missing from the appeal? They are tens and tens of millions, no matter how many. The topic is Bacardi governance, on which we have the right to express ourselves, and the fate of the actions of my daughter Maria Luisa, hostage of people who vote against our wishes, in the complete indifference of the Liechtenstein authorities.

In fact, do you report the trusted people who take care of your assets?
Family trusts have a long history and a 60,000 page dossier. It starts when my husband was still alive. It was his mother who created a trust in Liechtenstein: the Corniche, of which Luis was the only beneficiary. Gods were indicated contingent beneficiaries, of the heirs in case he died before the age of 65 without descendants. In 1988, legal proceedings began to prevent him from taking possession of the trust’s assets. Luckily, Luis reaches the age of 65 unscathed, but in 2003, already seriously ill, historical consultants of the family made him create the Bastille Trust, which was much worse, full of traps. He realizes it and immediately asks for the revocation. The causes begin.

In February 2019, when your daughter comes of age, what happens?
I try to explain it this way: the bare ownership of the Trust Bastille of Maria Luisa and I and she have 50% of the usufruct, only that she could not collect it as a minor. The mechanism provided that one third of the dividends accumulated and one third of the applicants collected them from the 18th year, another third from the 25th, the last to the 32nd. Instead, they give her the recurring dividends, but not the accumulated ones, having decided that they will be 40 years old. Provided they don’t procrastinate at 90. In addition, there are gods contingent beneficiaries: in practice, if you died before the age of 40, the assets would not go to your natural heirs, but to others.

Are there any relatives or other shareholders on this list of heirs?
Yes there are. Although Bacardi Ltd, based in Bermuda, does not allow us shareholders to access share lists either.

What happened on June 3rd?
At Bastille’s trustee meeting, Dr. Capone, with my notary power of attorney, was rejected by three bodyguards at the entrance. I was dismissed from the leadership of the two above companies. And already in December they had started a legal proceeding to revoke me as a family trustee. They will also have to answer for violations of human rights: they are violating the right to preserve the mother figure.

How did you meet your husband?
In Montecarlo, in 1997. I had moved there when I was twenty. I studied there. He was extremely intelligent, cultured, classy and with a lot of sense of humor.

The Independent, in 1993, described him thus: gaudy Playboy, standing shoulder to shoulder with King Juan Carlos and Frank Sinatra, known for his charm, intelligence and fiery character. Corresponds?
I don’t know on fire. I knew him rather calm.

Before, he had had five wives.
I’m the sixth, I don’t know the others. I was an independent woman and we got married for love, in separation of property, with a zero-rights marriage contract. We had a simple ceremony in Gibraltar and a lunch in Marbella, he dressed as a Mexican, I as a Tyrolean, in homage to the family’s ancestry. We have always gone back to life. At most, at a dinner for 60, the mariachi arrived: he loved that music.

What was your husband’s concern when he died?
Let my daughter and I run away from Munich for a while. He had received threats after the baby was born. He left an heir and someone didn’t like that. He was a terrified dying man that his wife and daughter disappeared with him for a cruel fate that results from acts, not interpretations.

That is, are there reports of death threats?
Sure. And I myself received an anonymous phone call, in German, one of the four languages ​​I speak, in which they said: we will kill you. But I don’t want to turn it into a yellow. My daughter and I would like a normal life. I drive a 500, she studies, she would like to go to university in Italy.

And when her husband died, did you run away?
We took refuge in a safe place until certain cards emerged. After her death, I felt pain and fear for my and my daughter’s life.

Now, quiet for your safety?
Over time it becomes abstraction and, in any case, we have filed the deeds and, if something bad happened, the names of those who orchestrated it would be obvious.

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