Azzolina: in September we will return to face-to-face lessons. Short guidelines. Video


The message from education minister Lucia Azzolina on Facebook on the closure of the school year and the reopening in September.

A completely extraordinary school year is closing in these hours, which has put us to the test and which we will certainly remember over time.

Someone today will have managed to say goodbye, perhaps from a distance. Others will likely do so in the coming weeks.

The girls and boys of the third grades of the first grade are discussing their papers these days. On the 17th, the exams of the second cycle begin. My encouragement goes to all of them.

The baccalaureate exam, in particular, will also be a first step towards the reopening of schools.

In recent months there has been a great debate on digital teaching. The so-called Dad. It was a very demanding test for everyone, but I know that many appreciated the work done.

We started from scratch. We built a model that made it possible to save the school year. And the school has rediscovered itself a little more digital.

I am also convinced that over time we will be able to look at this period with greater detachment, and therefore also with greater balance.

Dad helped us, but in September we will return to face-to-face lessons. We are working on this. There are no miraculous solutions, but common sense yes. And we have tools and resources to make them.
We also have clear ideas about the times:

The ministry guidelines will soon be ready. We are continuing the discussion with the various parties involved.

Meanwhile, we have already started to set up regional tables. Because it will be on the territories that we will physically build the solutions, in a surgical way. In individual schools, which in this country are very different from each other.

And we will have constant monitoring of the various situations and difficulties to overcome. And there will be, there is no doubt. But I repeat: we have the tools to solve them.

Of course we must hope that the threat of the virus will soon become a bad memory, but we will still be ready for any scenario.

Let me say one more thing: the issue of safety at school is very serious and requires prudence, even in judgments and comments.

No one on the technical-scientific committee, let alone here at the ministry, has ever imagined locking students in security booths, as has been said in these hours, however at least superficially.
I have seen surreal images of boys locked in cage-like structures.

This is disinformation. Nobody has ever thought about such things.

If anything, I have been talking about the problem of the chicken coop classes for two years. And today everyone finally notices the number of pupils in the classes of Italian schools.

We are at work, day and night, to bring students back to school with the right security measures. Without excess, without forcing. We want to return to normal and we will do it by finding the right balance between two sacrosanct rights, that of education and that of health.

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