Azzolina: “I was threatened with death only because I said that you enter school with a regular competition”


The Minister of Education, Lucia Azzolina, was interviewed by the newspaper The Republic. Great space on what will happen in September and beyond: “We are doing everything possible to bring everyone, children and young people, back to school to attendance. We will give a frame, guidelines and a package of tools. Each school will then have to decide how to restart the year “.

SCHOOL IN MUSEUMS“Thursday there will be a table at Palazzo Chigi, with Prime Minister Conte. All together we will help find the answers. Local authorities can help by making available municipal halls, botanical gardens, parks, theaters, cinemas. We will make agreements with them and with the third sector to make sure that the school starts again by opening up to the territory. When spacing is not possible, we will take students out. In other European countries it is already being done ”.

ROLE INPUTS “We are helped by the digitization of the provincial rankings and the fast call mechanism, which allows you to search outside the Rsegions in which the professorships cannot be covered ”.

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SCHOOL AND THREATS COMPETITION“I have received threats. Even of death. From what they would do to my ‘pretty face’ to what they would do with my life. Many are teachers. One is a trade unionist who trades the right to satire for something far more serious. I’d like to understand it. Because? Why do I say that you enter the public administration with a regular competition, as the Constitution prescribes? How did you do it until 2016? I know what it means to be precarious. I have been precarious. And I think that who is good, and we have many good precarious workers, has every right to make a competition and to be hired indefinitely. We have to decide what treatment we want to reserve for women in politics, if we are free to choose the color of the dress and the color of the lipstick “.

Substitutions, for Azzolina in 2019 there were only 109 thousand. But the figure is from September: 187 thousand in December



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