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the Minister of Education at work

Chiara Pellegrini

Four months of closed schools, children alienated from distance learning, the clear reopening date for a few hours (September 14th) but they tell us that the fate of the return to the students’ desks is linked to the “buccal rhymes”.

No, it is not a type of rhyme used in rare medieval compositions in oïl language or in oc language, nor does one of the questions posed by the Mephitic Franchino to Paolo Villaggio in Fantozzi still undergo, “therefore it is said …”. Maybe a Damunian reference? Ah, no !, that was Buccari’s mockery. Doesn’t it tell you anything? Not even to us. Yet the “buccal rhymes” are the conditio sine qua non for the reopening of schools and an essential point in preventive actions.

So, let’s look for some information, Nel Manual of Human Anatomy of Vertebrates by Emanuele Padoa (Feltrinelli editore) it reads “In human anatomy we speak of a buccal rhyme limited by the lips; of a vestibule of the mouth limited anteriorly and laterally by the lips and cheeks, posteriorly by the maxillary arches, or rather gum-dental arches”. In short, much simpler than expected, nothing else but the mouth to mouth distance.

In the draft document on guidelines to be adopted for the resumption of school, now being examined by the State-Regions Conference, this explicit reference to physical distancing has been inserted which recalls the recommendations of the Scientific Technical Committee. “Physical distancing, understood as a yardstick between the pupils’ mouths – the editors’ ‘, remains a point of primary importance in prevention actions,” he reads.

The buccal rhymes, however, should facilitate the life of school leaders, who have been wandering for months in search of precise indications, or at least reduce the problems related to space, this is because until recently fto the distance between a meter between the pupils was considered by “shoulder to shoulder”. Fortunately, there are now the “buccal rhymes”, a term we could no longer do without, a topic of conversation on “lively” summer evenings centellinadno a cedar or at most a hot beer.

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