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It has been announced that I am 96 thousand 202 Italian families who requested the TV bonus for DVB-T2, prepared by the Ministry of Economic Development to facilitate the transition to the new platforms that will broadcast TV channels from June 2022.

For Mise this is a considerable milestone, but if one takes into account the amount spent (4 million 787 thousand Euros) the figure is very low. The Government Conte has in fact put 150 million euros on the plate, which will be available to Italians until December 2022 to renew the TV park.

On the slowdown of requests obviously weighed the Coronavirus and the lockdown. Mirella Liuzzi, the Undersecretary for Economic Development in fact explained that “the blocking of commercial activities, due to the coronavirus, certainly did not benefit our bonus. Many people determined to ask for it lacked an important piece. The shop or mall where the bonus, in the form of a discount, was purchased when the new decoder or television was purchased was closed“. The data of May, when the allocation rhythm rose: “our impression is that the Italian families, forced into the house by the epidemic, had to watch much more television. And they would have also enjoyed Netflix, Amazon Prime and all the other cable stations if only they had a new generation, smart TV, capable of managing applications“.

Recall that the TV bonus reaches a maximum of 50 Euros and embraces decoders and televisions.

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