Autostrade, latest evidence of agreement Towards the revision of the concession


Get close to an agreement on the revision of the Autostrade concession. Government sources speak of an imminent understanding with the parent company Atlantia, the Benetton family holding company, on the future of the country’s largest highway operator. At Palazzo Chigi yesterday at a summit attended by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, the two competent ministers (Roberto Gualtieri at the Treasury and Paola De Micheli at the Infrastructures), their respective heads of cabinet and the director general at the MEF Alessandro Rivera, the square.

An agreement that arises from compliance with certain minimum conditions, including the change of company structure in Autostrade, with Atlantia as minority shareholder and the tandem Cassa Depositi and F2i fund which would acquire the majority by subscribing to an ad hoc vehicle. An agreement that would result in a 5% per year reduction in motorway tariffs to lower the return on capital invested, bringing it back to market levels, according to the model built by the Transport Authority.

Thus the risk of a dispute with Autostrade would fall. It would allow us to restart the infrastructure works for 7 billion already construction sites, as Autostrade CEO Roberto Tomasi noted yesterday. It means that the right balance would have been found between the private interest and the public interest that has come out dented in recent years. Just yesterday in a hearing in the Senate, the Court of Auditors stressed the need for continuous verification of investments related to tariffs and a strengthening of the internal control instruments of the ministry, to the state, as recognized by the same, unsatisfactory. It is a statement that calls into question the supervisory department on motorway concessions which in recent years has inherited the management control function of the managers from Anas.

Sources attributable to Autostrade make it known that they do not have ancora received a formal proposal, n informal, but they say they are ready to evaluate it. To seal the agreement, only a few details would be missing: the plant built by Mit and Mef was approved by the Prime Minister and the general secretary of Palazzo Chigi Roberto Chieppa. It is not clear whether a sterilization of article 35 of the Milleproroghe which had regulated the revocation was envisaged. Two days ago the choice of the leaders of Atlantia to continue the negotiation beyond June 30, avoiding the resolution established in article 9 bis of the 2007 Convention, had seemed a relaxing act towards the government after the letter sent to the EU in which the holding 30% controlled by the Benetton family asked for compliance with the contracts. Now another step forward.

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