Auto bonus: which incentives are confirmed and for which models it is better to wait


Just as it is happening in the building sector with the 110% bonus, this period also represents a kind of limbo in the sector of wheels. Looking forward to know which auto bonuses will be confirmed, after the publication of the Relaunch decree and the anticipation of the news regarding the mobility incentives, the reaction of many who wanted buy a car was to wait for the upcoming developments to better understand how to move and not miss any bonuses approved shortly thereafter.

The effects of auto incentives still not approved and only under discussion

In hindsight, in reality, car incentives are among the major absentees of the Relaunch decree. However, the topic arises among proposed amendments and attracted a lot of curiosity. As usual happens, the amendments presented are very numerous (there are almost 10 thousand): of these many relate to concessions for the purchase of cars and carry both the signature of representatives of the majority and of the opposition. By specifying that these are proposed amendments, therefore, we want to make it clear from the outset that we are not talking about confirmed but debated news. Yet the effect for those who are thinking of buying a car, but perhaps it does not necessarily have urgent urgency, is that of a psychological brake. Postponing the sales actually paralyzes the 4-wheel market, causing an effect, albeit temporary, opposite to what one would like to create.

What will auto 2020 incentives be?

The proposal that seems to be most credited concerns theextension of incentives for hybrid vehicles even at Euro 6 cars with thermal engine.

Among the decisions already confirmed there is the bonus of up to 4,000 thousand euros for machines that fall within the 0-20 g / km CO2 range (including electric ones).

Six thousand if the buyer scraps an old car from Euro 0 to Euro 4. If, on the other hand, the new car model produces emissions between 21 and 60 g / km, there is a bonus ranging from 1500 to 2500 with scrapping. The trade associations had also asked for the extension of a bonus for cars in the range from 61 to 95 g / km but at the moment the decree does not provide for these vehicles.

Among the amendments that can be approved, in addition to the inclusion of this third band of vehicles, there are:

  • incentive for the purchase of Euro 6 and Euro 5 with old car scrapping;
  • increased economic coverage to finance auto incentives next year too;
  • suspension of the Ecomalus for 2020;
  • tax reduction on company cars;
  • bonuses (from 1,000 to 3,000 euros) for commercial vehicles;
  • a fund of almost 500 million for industrial vehicles.

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