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Austria will not reopen the border with Italy for the time being. This was announced by Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg. «We open to 7 neighboring countries and there will be no more controls, as before the coronavirus emergency. The data do not allow it instead with Italy, but we intend to do it as soon as possible “, said the minister at the press conference. “It is not a decision against Italy,” stressed Schallenberg.

The Austrian government will carry out a new assessment next week of a possible opening to Italy, Schallenberg announced. “We see – he added – that the situation in Italy has improved a lot and that some regions, such as South Tyrol, have good Covid data”. Vienna will therefore “seriously” consider Bolzano’s proposal to allow travel to some Italian regions. “The goal remains openness to Italy, as soon as the data allows it,” concluded the minister.

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Di Maio: Individualisms harm the EU
“Individualisms violate the community spirit and damage Europe and the single market”. According to what has been learned, Minister Luigi Di Maio said during a meeting with his staff, following the Vienna decision to keep the border with Italy still closed. In the afternoon there will be a phone call with the Austrian counterpart. The minister is however confident that the story, in the next few days, can develop positively for Italy.

Austria does not reopen the border with Italy: “Data do not allow it”

The EU over Austria, do not discriminate against nationality
«We do not comment on the measures taken by individual states, but we have produced a series of guidelines on how these should behave. This includes the very important principle of non-discrimination based on nationality, ensuring that regions with a similar epidemiological situation receive the same treatment. ” So a spokesman for the EU executive, responding to those who ask for a comment on the measure announced by Austria to keep the border with Italy closed.

“Two different situations must be distinguished – said the spokesman – one is when there is a specific violation of European legislation on non-discrimination, with clear examples of discrimination based on nationality. In this case, there are legal instruments available to the people involved and the Commission, as guardians of the treaties. When it comes to violations of EU Commission guidelines, the preferred approach is dialogue with member countries. We have already highlighted in the past with the Member States the problems that we believed related to the possible non-alignment with the guidelines “.

“I do not comment on the specific situation – said the spokesman, speaking of the border between Austria and Italy – but as long as decisions are made on the basis of epidemiological criteria we have no particular problems with this”.

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