Austria borders closed, Crisanti favorable. Controversy with Zangrillo


The virologist Andrea Crisanti, director of Microbiology and Virology University of Padua and director of the Venetian management of the emergency, takes it head-on: according to him, to say that “the coronavirus no longer exists clinically”, as did the director of the Intensive Care Unit of San Raffaele in Milan Alberto Zangrillo is “madness”. “I won’t explain it to you,” said the virologist in connection with Agora on Rai3, “it is a” sporting “attitude towards the virus”. “If Zangrillo had gone to Vo ‘the first week of January he would have said that the virus did not exist clinically and then he would have seen what he did»Added Crisanti. The virologist motivated his words as follows: “We still don’t understand this virus well, we don’t understand why there are such a high number of asymptomatics and why at a certain point, reaching a critical threshold, people begin to get sick in such a way serious and with such devastating consequences ». Then he concluded: «At this moment there is little transmission but it does not mean that there is no danger. There is no zero risk right now. ”

“Vienna is right not to reopen the borders with Italy”

As for Austria, which has decided for the moment not to reopen the borders with Italy, Crisanti explains: “I think Vienna is doing well, there are still a lot of cases in Italy. We too should implement control measures towards those countries where the epidemic is still active, such as America and South America “. «I would establish gods criteria», He adds,« you enter Italy, we check the temperature, make you a swab and verify that you are traceable. If you are positive we put you in isolation, it is not that you can reopen everything like this ».

The case of Vo ‘: the virus has been circulating since January, 5% of the population with antibodies

The virologist then illustrated the results of the investigations conducted in Vo ‘Euganeo, the first Venetian country where the epidemic occurred: the latest findings, he explained, allow us to “Date the entry of the virus in the first-second week of January”. “We ran the entire population of Vo ‘again, then we did the serological test and we are completing the genetic analysis of all citizens,” said Crisanti. The most recent swab did not identify new positive cases, but the serological test revealed what the virologist defined «Interesting surprises»: “There is an important number of people who at the first sampling (February 24-25, editor’s note) were negative to the swab and were fine and these people have antibodies.”

The analyzes carried out in these months in the Venetian town show that approx 5% of the Vo ‘population has antibodies against the virus, which allows the entry of the virus to Vo ‘in the first-second week of January. “This virus,” added the virologist, “for reasons we don’t know yet, spreads without creating disease until it reaches a critical mass of people who become infected and then explodes with all its violence.”

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