Australia, white shark attacks surfer in the sea: bled to death on shore


The surf world mourns the death of a man, attacked by one White shark. The 60 year old victim was surfing on a beach in Australia of the southeastern ocean.Girl attacked by the dog, 130 stitches on her head

The man died of injuries sustained by shark bites, 3 meters long, according to witnesses.

The tragedy occurred a Kingscliff Beach in the northern state of New South Wales, where other surfers rescued the victim and helped frighten the shark. Emergency services rushed to the scene to take care of the injured, but eventually he died before being transferred to a hospital.

Authorities have chosen to temporarily close the beach after spotting the shark still in the area. This is the third death recorded in Australia so far this year since a shark attack.

Last updated: Monday 8 June 2020, 10:15


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