Augusto Minzolini, the briefcase with Venezuelan money in Casaleggio? “What the previous KGB teaches us”, a thorny case – Libero Quotidiano


Also Augusto Minzolini is spent on the alleged briefcase from Venezuela. There is talk of the allegations to M5s rained from Spain, the millions of euros that would have been collected by the Movement back in 2010, money coming straight from Caracas. Newspaper scoop ABC which, however, is difficult, indeed very difficult to confirm. The journalist obviously defends his work and his sources, but the case is very difficult. And so we arrive at Minzolini, who dedicates the entire background published on the Venezuelan briefcase Newspaper Wednesday, June 17, the usual and exciting collage of voices where, however, Minzo’s thoughts also find space.

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Who reflects and writes: “Experience teaches us that briefcases full of euros or dollars it’s hard to prove them. Or at least you will only confirm it when the Chronicle becomes History. The legend of the Moscow rubles at the PCI was acquired by historians – complete with documents in the archives of the Comintern or the KGB – only after the fall of the Berlin Wall “. And still Minzolini adds:” So if those three and a half million they really arrived in the cashiers of the associated Casaleggio, we will have to wait for the end of the regime of the heirs of Chavez. To orient yourself now you only have the deductive logic: this applies to the Euros of Maduro, the yuan of Beijing or the dollars of Moscow (the allegations to the League are still there). In short, you have to analyze the moves of the different parties“concludes an allusive Minzolini. In short, as mentioned in the introduction, proving the existence of that briefcase, for the next years to come, will be a sort of impossible undertaking …

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