Auditel ‘Men and Women’: Veronica Ursida against everyone, Giovanna Abate or Gemma Galgani and Sirius? Here is the episode that won the listening competition!


Nothing to do for the others, even this penultimate week of Men and women to excite viewers of dating show of Maria De Filippi They were Gemma Galgani is Nicola Vivarelli, who – with yesterday afternoon’s episode focused on their first close encounter made up, however, only of hugs and kisses on the cheek – kept 2,944,000 spectators glued to the screen with a share of 21.69% (final: 2.457.000 – 20.46 %).

Just below, and very close to each other, the numbers of the other two episodes of the program, aired this week in a reduced format given the bridge on Monday as a result of the June 2 holiday.

Wednesday’s episode dedicated to Veronica Ursida, which among many criticisms and difficulties has chosen to abandon the Throne Over in the company of the knight Giovanni Longobardi, and giving a new chance to this interest that he feels he feels very strongly for him, has recorded 20.9% share for a total of 2,669,000 spectators.

While Thursday’s episode focused on Giovanna Abate a few steps from the choice between Sammy Hassan and Davide Basolo and on the return of Alessandro Graziani that has told all its truth on the relationship with Serena Enardu, has attracted 2,956,000 spectators obtaining a share of 20.8% (final 2,498,000 – 19.9%).

Instead, which episode did you prefer?

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