attention, they can suddenly close current accounts


banks-current-account-closed Per Italian banks as Unicredit, Intesa Sanpaolo and BNL a new possibility of recourse towards the customer is confirmed. At the request of the competent financial and institutional authorities of the Judiciary and the Guardia di Finanza, they can request the closure of the current account. Which happens suddenly for some valid reasons that are reported to the customer. The terms of the initial contract fail in the face of the new procedure now discussed by the senator Armando Siri during a recent parliamentary intervention. Here’s what could happen.

Banks versus customers: account closure approved after the latest decisions

The senator Siri received answers to many questions about account extinction by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy and Finance Alessio Mattia Villarosa. In fact, in a comparison, the foreclosure of funds without notice in the event of low liquidity. Situation in which the lender has unilaterally active power based on a potential warning of financial crime.

In the detected hypothesis of tax evasion, in fact, there is a tendency to play in advance by freezing the taxpayer funds in view of further investigations by the competent authorities. A justified procedure with the release of official documentation. A current account represents a real contract which, in the absence of regularity, risks being dissolved without the tacit consent of both parties.

Furthermore, in addition to this measure, the tax authorities have also tightened up the foreclosure procedures that apply to the user, who no longer has the right to challenge the work of Equitalia for justified reason. Only a modest notice is received before going to the pavement. More info at the previous link.

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