Attack on Jackson, White House Responds – Last Hour


(ANSA) – NEW YORK, JUNE 23 – Moments of confusion and fear,
in the Italian night, in front of the White House. Of the demonstrators
they tried to bring down the statue of Andrew Jackson, the
American president responsible for the so-called ‘path of the
tears’ (the forced deportation of Native Americans from
their lands), the idol of Donald Trump. The intervention of the forces
order is immediate: to try to calm the minds
police use pepper spray against 150-200 demonstrators
present and forms a cord to protect the statue and the House
Bianca. The Jackson statue is located in Lafayette Square, in the
near the presidential building, from which the Secret Service has
brought out all the reporters. Singing “Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho,
Andrew Jackson’s got to go “protesters
they tied the statue with ropes with the aim of
demolish it. All within walking distance of the residence
president, which has alerted helicopters and police.


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