At the Campo dei Fiori shopping center in Gavirate, do #shoppingsicuro


The Campo dei Fiori Shopping Center in Gavirate has reopened to the public, with the firm belief that the customer safety should be in first place.

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And just to take care of the customer and his health, all necessary measures have been taken to give him an experience of #shoppingsicuro.

The environment is constantly cleaned using specific products, with characteristics indicated by the Ministry of Health e toilets and all contact surfaces are sanitized several times a day. Even the aeraulic systems have been sanitized and all the shops follow specific protocols to guarantee high standards of cleaning and sanitation.

You will then enjoy a few hours of shopping in peace, wandering among the many shops that animate the shopping gallery. And if you are hungry, there are refreshment points to satisfy your sweet tooth food court.

Constant checks are carried out in the tunnel to ensure that the right ones are respected social distancing measures and the rules of conduct imposed by current legislation.

These rules are also summarized in the signs in the common areas of the shopping center, communicated via the internal radio and shown in short videos on the monitors in the gallery.

Although the corridors are very wide, safe routes have been studied and the places where it is possible to stay inside the gallery have been identified and everything is well signposted, to allow the customer to enjoy a quiet shopping experience.

They are located near the entrances and in all places of greatest passage dispenser with hand sanitizing gels and near the exit doors were placed baskets to throw masks and gloves, so as to prevent them from being abandoned in the parking lot damaging the environment.

The Campo dei Fiori Shopping Center is the perfect place to find everything you and your family need. The same safety standards are also guaranteed inside the gallery shops and they are all ready to welcome you with a smile, to say welcome back and leave with you.


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