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Rome, June 10, 2020 – We celebrate the navy festival June 10, because it is the symbolic date that recalls Premuda’s feat. In 1918, the First World War, the MAS 15 and 21 commanded by the corvette captain Luigi Rizzo and the ensign Giuseppe Aonzo managed to torpedo and sink the battleship Santo Stefano “. These are the words of Admiral Giuseppe Cavo Dragone, chief of staff of the Military navy that today celebrates its day on land and at sea but, like the other armed forces, without parades.

Admiral Giuseppe Cavo Dragone, chief of staff of the Navy

What contribution has the Navy made to the health emergency?
“We made ourselves available to the government and civil protection with a health component that reached the maximum of 138 professionals including doctors, nurses and technicians at the same time in the most difficult moments. 20 thousand men were involved in rotation, out of 29 thousand, among those operating and the support and turn over apparatus “.

What structures have you put in place?
“The aircraft carrier Cavour has set up 12 intensive care posts and another 4 have been reserved for us on the Etna ship, in addition to the contribution of helicopters for various types of interventions. Other quarantine posts have been set up in the Chiavari barracks. We then set up a field hospital in Jesi, near Ancona with the San Marco Brigade “.

The staff of the San Marco Military Brigade in Jesi

How many infections have you had?
“Very few, a record: twenty out of 11 thousand units of the naval team. We have prepared from the outset a very rigid and very aggressive protocol. And it worked. Other western navies have followed our advice and expressed gratitude to us. We were the trailblazer. ”

What is your current use for security?
“We are engaged in many international theaters that fall under the aegis of the IOC, as well as in operations such as Safe Sea in the central Mediterranean. We are operating in the Gulf of Guinea, in the Red Sea, in the Horn of Africa with the Atalanta operation, in Permanent naval forces of NATO and the EU, that is, the multinational groups that sail in the Mediterranean to demonstrate the presence of the alliance In Tripoli, Libya, we have detached a factory ship that assists the Libyan Navy and the Coast Guard in the maintenance of their vehicles also used in patrolling the areas of competence “.

Are the pirates still there?
“Of course, even if in some areas this activity has weakened thanks to the massive control at sea. In the Horn of Africa they have patrol and escort duties to the ships of the World Food Program. If we let our guard down, the piracy would resume. And in some areas they are still a problem. ”

Where is it?
“In the Gulf of Guinea they are a bursting phenomenon. Right here we are present with other international forces and also recently we participated in joint exercises”.

Have you foiled attacks?
“Yes, one on 26 March with the intervention of a helicopter from the Frigate Rizzo. An SOS had arrived from a cargo ship and we managed to put the pirates to flight before they could act.”

The immigration node in the Mediterranean?
“Already as head of the operational command of the inter-force summit, I said that the malaise of immigration must be addressed in the countries of origin. The problems must be solved on the spot by fighting poverty. Then we must act on the narrative by spreading the message on how dangerous and useless the migration to the north, especially from countries in the Horn of Africa such as Nigeria. 30% of those who set out on the march disappear and no one knows what happens. Then obviously you need to control the flows unfortunately managed by criminal organizations. ”

The Libyan conflict between the Serraj government and General Haftar in favor of whom is resolved?
“Difficult to say, but what is needed is a political solution with a strong negotiating intervention. And Italy can play an important role because it enjoys the trust of both sides. It is seen as a reliable and super partes nation.”

Finc antieri has obtained the supply of ten missile frigates to the US Navy .
“It is a milestone, because the Americans do not make discounts and if they choose a system it means that it works. We have been using these Frigates since 2013 and therefore the order to the USA is a boast for the Italian Navy and for the Made in Italy shipbuilding “.

The portaerei Cavour, flagship of the fleet, has taken over the sea. How will it be used?
“It has just come out of maintenance work waiting to be retrained for the boarding of F35 fighter planes. After a short training in Taranto it will leave for the United States to carry out certification of the flight deck certification for the new aircraft. Two planes are already in the US with 6 of our pilots and 20 technicians in training. ”

What is the best Marina in the world and what place do we have in the ranking?
“The Italian Navy is the first, we are the best”.

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