Asymptomatic and contagious, what the WHO says





Asymptomatic and contagious, what the WHO says

I received many messages and requests for clarification after what was said yesterday at the press conference“about the transmission of Covid-19 by asymptomatic people.” I was answering a question and not expressing a WHO position. I used the word ‘very rare’ and there was a misunderstanding because it seemed that I was saying that asymptomatic transmission is very rare overall. While I was referring to a limited set of data “. He clarifies it today in a live on social media from Geneva Maria Van Kerkhove, technical director of the World Health Organization for coronavirus, after briefly talking about it yesterday in briefing with journalists from the WHO headquarters in Switzerland.

“We need to differentiate – he explained – what we know, what we don’t know and what we are trying to understand. What we know about Covid-19 transmission is that the infected develop symptoms, but in a part of them this does not happen. We know that the majority of infections occur from someone who has symptoms to other people through infected saliva droplets. But there is a proportion of people who do not develop symptoms and we do not yet know how many they are, they could be from 6% to 41% of the population that becomes infected, according to estimates. We know that some asymptomatics can transmit the virus and what we need to clarify is how many are asymptomatic and how many of them transmit the infection. What I said yesterday at the press conference referred to small published studies. ”

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