“Assemblies? From Silvia Romano to the Genoa Bridge, what were these?” – Free newspaper


Controversy not to end for the demonstration of the center-right united on June 2 in Piazza del Popolo. Finger pointed at Salvini, Meloni and Tajani for the gatherings in Rome. And yet, when the left is doing it, everyone is silent. The official League account points out on social media, which relaunches a meme in which they come collected three episodes. The first dates back to April 25, Anpi in the square in full coronavirus emergency, maxi-assembly and the controversies are almost zero. Therefore, we move on to the inauguration of the new one Genoa bridge, April 28: Giuseppe Conte in full assembly and once again almost all of them shut up. Third and final episode, the arrival in Ciampino of Silvia Romano with maxi-assembly, on the other of institutional figures. Guess what? Everyone shut up. And so, the League thunders: “They say that the demonstration of the sovereigns on June 2 is irresponsible … and what were they in the months of full emergency Covid instead?”. And, in fact, it does not make a turn.

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