“As a white I’m ashamed for what happened”


Gregg Popovich struggled to hold back tears as he voiced his emotions following the killing of George Floyd.

“Paradoxically, the biggest lesson the recent tragedy has given us is the look on that policeman’s face,” said the Spurs coach. “It was visible how casual, at ease, he could put his hand in his pocket while holding his knee on the neck of another person, as if he had to give him who knows what lesson. As if in his head he felt right and obliged to do it. As a white man, I am ashamed to know that such a thing can happen. We all studied in history books and saw pictures of black people hanged on trees. I never thought I’d see such a thing with my eyes in my life. ”

“It is important that we whites do something. Black people have carried this burden on their shoulders for 400 years. The only reason this country has made progress is because of their perseverance and commitment. The history of our nation from the beginning is a lie. And even today it falls on the shoulders of black people to make that lie become a truth, making sure that those rights and privileges are enjoyed by everyone. We must be the ones to say things as they are regardless of the consequences, we must talk about them and not let anything go. The situation is very similar to that of arms legislation. What else needs to happen to make things change? Must two other people die with one knee on their neck? How many more Sandy Hooks should there be before acting? It’s easy for people to ignore or slide things around when they don’t involve them, but we have to move before it’s too late. Our country is in trouble and the fundamental reason is racism “.

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