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“It is not a question of June 30, before or after, but of agreement between the parties, of conviction of both players”, so Fabio Guild he cut short on the front Barcelona for the exchange Arthur-Pjanic. A position of strength, this, that Juve does not intend to lose in this negotiation. It does it publicly, it does it privately. Because Pjanic can go to Barcelona, ​​but only for Arthur. And if to do this proves necessary to wait for August or September, Juve will do it. On the other hand, the Financial Fair Play, for now, is not a problem for the Juventus club, however waiting for official news from UEFA for less stringent stakes in this anomalous season. And even if the balance sheet was closed, the bleeding was buffered in time with the salary agreement. Barcelona are much more in a hurry. And it is Barcelona that has to unlock the Arthur practice.WE ARE – Filter optimism from Spain in any case. Work on the hips towards the Brazilian midfielder is starting to work, the idea of ​​going to double the salary up to the approximately 4.5 million net that he would receive at Juve can compensate for the personal failure of not having become a top in his house. Then try to end your experience with a flourish. And the difference in evaluation between Arthur and Pjanic can be compensated by a third player, Mattia De Sciglio has been talked about for a long time. Without forgetting in any case that Barcelona has not yet exercised the redemption of Matheus Pereira for 8 million, part of an agreement that has already seen the Blaugrana cashing as many as 8.2 for Alejandro Marques when the contract expires: it could also be enough not to exercise it and remain friends as before, but ending the Arthur-Pjanic exchange.

FALI ARRIVES – In the meantime, there will be a new contact between Fali Ramadani and Juventus. Pjanic’s agent will reiterate the Bosnian’s willingness to go to Barcelona anyway, despite level alternatives such as PSG and Chelsea, at least for the moment. A few details remain to be regulated that perhaps are not details, such as those wages referring to the current season which should then be received in the future (we think about two and a half months of the four suspended). Meanwhile, the negotiation proceeds, June 30 or not, Barcelona are in a hurry, Juve holds the position.

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